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White fillings

Minor chips, marks and colour defects can be easily remedied with white fillings. White filling material comes in many different shades and is carefully matched and moulded to your tooth.

Teeth need less preparation for a white filling than for Amalgam (silver fillings) and results are natural, long lasting, quick and surprisingly affordable.

White fillings on back teeth are increasingly the preferred choice for patients . Recent advances in the technology of white filling materials, composites and porcelains, have made their performance comparable or superior to that of traditional silver amalgam fillings.

There are many different ways to provide a tooth coloured filling. We will always discuss the different options available to you whenever a new filling is required.

White fillings on back teeth fall into two basic categories: – Direct (one visit) and Indirect (two visits), and each have advantages and disadvantages depending upon size, shape and of the filling required. The long term future of the tooth is also taken into consideration.

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