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For the past 40 years I have been visiting this dental practice and I have never thought of changing my Dentist because I am sincerely happy with them. Yes, just like any practice or business there has been several changes, however, they are excellent changes for forward movement which are beneficial.

Hook Lane Dental Care is truly evolved with the advancement of care and services it covers.

  • Computerised technology
  • Efficient equipment
  • Excellent response timing for replacement work
  • The dental practice is clean and welcoming
  • Highly qualified Dentist

I am proud to say that Kieron is my Dentist because he listens and in return he explains himself for me to fully understand and appreciate. The level of service is exemplary and most significantly exquisite with a unique direct approach which made me feel that I am important and I must also be completely satisfied.

The mannerism and dedication of Kieron and all the staff members is wonderful and I am honoured to have Hook Lane Dental Care as my Dentist.

Implant testimonials

I am extremely glad that I had the implants fitted and I now have a secure denture which enables me to eat anything, and has given me more confidence than I ever imagined. I am not afraid to smile.

I have been with Hook Lane Dental Practice for more than 35 years and during that time I have never considered going anywhere else, the assistance, friendliness and understanding that I have always received from everyone is second to none. Over the years I have undergone various treatments that were all times carried out with care and professionalism. Treatments such as extractions and crowns can be quite stressful at the best of times and I can only thank the practice for the preparation and attention to detail that they have all taken to keep the pain and discomfort to a minimum.

Recently I have had two implants to replace the two crowns that had served me well for several years and I am very happy to say everything has been completed to my satisfaction with little or no pain and even mixed with a few laughs. So a big thank you from a very grateful patient who has happily recommended the practice to anyone who has been in need of such professional assistance.

Any dental work nowadays is a considered purchase for many people and anything more than a filling, such as an implant is a difficult thing to contemplate.