You’ve seen the fabulous results of a smile makeover – an amazing smile that’s straight, white, even, just perfect.

But what does it take to get there? You might be surprised to learn just how quickly and comfortably your smile can be transformed.
What is surprising to most is that, no matter what the problem with your smile, there’s a way to make it absolutely stunning.

  • Crooked, overlapped teeth can be straightened

  • Chipped, broken, worn teeth can be repaired

  • Unattractive metal fillings can be replaced with natural-looking restorations

  • Missing teeth can be replaced

  • Gaps between teeth can be closed

  • Stained, discoloured teeth can be whitened

  • And so much more.

The first step to a beautiful smile is a complete and thorough examination by your cosmetic dentist to determine your oral health. Any health issues will be addressed and corrected before any cosmetic work begins.

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