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Oral Hygiene

DENTAL HYGIENIST – making your teeth look good makes you feel good

In order to maintain a healthy looking smile you need to ensure you have good oral hygiene.
We advise all our patients to have regular visits with our hygienist.

They play an important role in dental care by preventing dental disease and helping you keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Good home care is important if gum disease and tooth decay are not to progress into more serious problems.

The cost varies accordingly to the amount of time/visits that you need and how frequently you need to visit the hygienist.

On your first visit your hygienist will thoroughly check your gums. Part of this appointment will be spent on oral hygiene instruction and the rest of it will involve scaling and polishing your teeth.

If your hygienist feels you need a further appointment then she may encourage you to see her again. Our hygienist works every Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Hygienists carry out all types of preventive care :

  • Scaling and polishing teeth
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Air polishing
  • Root planning
  • Dental Health education